Angela Li


  • Angela Li founded Carina Li Group (CLG), President and Chief Executive Officer since 2009. CLG is headquartered in New York, with operations in Beijing and five cities.
  • Angela specializes in US-China cross-border M&A, JVs and business strategy, consumer markets and business development with art & tech background.
  • Launched Borderless Networks (BNS) in 2014, an extensive network of global resources focusing on fashion, art, new retail, investment and financing projects, commercial real estate, life sciences and health and Internet high-tech software.
  • Worked for 10 years in New York’s leading international packaging and marketing company, JC Edward Corp.
  • Global clients included private companies and listed companies.
  • Angela has worked directly with hundreds of traders, manufacturers and brokers in the US, Canada, Germany, UK, Australia, China, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Mexico and Portugal.
  • Angela served as Managing Director of Hui Tat Lee Fashion Trading in Singapore.

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