Dr Annie Ma (马郢)

Chairwoman & Founder, Ample Luck International Capital Group Ltd.

  • Annie is CEO/Chairwoman of Ample Luck International Capital Group
  • Annie Ma is a serial entrepreneur, investor and social activist with business interests in international consulting, clean tech, education, life science and media, among others
  • As a senior angel investor, fund manager and investment banking professional, Annie has more than 20 years experiences of financial management and asset management, direct investment, and family office operations. Before she started her own companies, Annie worked for UNIDO, Shanghai New Margin Fund Management Co., Ltd., and Air China before she came to further her studies in USA in 1999
  • Since 2003, Annie has been Chairwoman and CEO of Ample Luck International Capital Group, of Beijing Zhongchuang Fengxiang Educational Technology Corp., and of Ample Luck Medic Group, Beijing Jin Se Hao Yu Media. She has also served as a partner and vice chairwoman of Chinese Red Strategic Ming Fund, Partner and Investment Advisory Committee member of Jun Yuan-Tong Sheng Venture Capital, Partner of Alpview Venture Capital; Founding Partner and Board Director of Apptech Gateway, and Financial Investor and Board member of Northern Pharmaceutical Group of Canada. Through her own company and funds she manages, Annie and her team has successfully helped more than 100 companies globally to do fund raising, M&A and IPO as well as direct investment into the companies
  • Annie holds a B.A., from Jilin University of Finance and Economics. A M.A., from Capital Economics and Trade University, a PhD.in Finance and Investment from Huazhong University of Science and Technology and had her Postdoctoral studies at the Central University of Finance and Economics from Beijing, China
  • Annie has completed the Executive Program at the Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is also participating in the Postdoctoral Internationalization of Chinese Medicine at Harvard Medical School
  • On a social level, Annie has been a Committee member of All-China Youth Federation; Standing Committee of Hubei Province Youth Federation; Vice president of North American Chinese Science and Technology Association; and Committee chairman of the World Chinese Business Association of Investment. She is a recipient of a “Secondary Award” of National Scientific Advancement from China and “First Award” of Guangdong Provincial Scientific Advancement from Guangdong, China.
  • CEO & Chairwoman of Beijing Zhongchuang Fengxiang Education & Incubator
  • CEO & Chairwoman of Anthurium Consulting LLC
  • CEO & Chairwoman of Eastern Renaissance Educational Group, Inc
  • Global partner of Munsun Assets Manaement (HKSE listed)
  • Founding Partner of Hanhong Strategic Mining Fund and Jinlin Chengpu Fengxiang Equity Fund
  • Member of investment Advisory Committee of Junion Capital
  • Chairwoman of Chong Chuang Feng Xiang Educational Technology Corp.
  • Founding partner and Board Director of Apptech Gateway
  • Shareholder of Xiangdu Winery
  • Shareholder of Beijing Hansun Technology Inc.


  • National Committee member of the All-China Youth Federation
  • Standing Committee member of the Hubei Provincial Youth Federation
  • Vice Chair of the North-America Chinese Association for Science and Technology
  • Director of China Youth Entrepreneurs Association
  • Vice Chairman of the Beijing Yong Entrepreneurs Association
  • Deputy Secretary of the Beijing Youth Chamber of Commerce
  • B.A., Jilin University of Finance and Economics
  • M.A., Capital Economics and Trade University
  • PhD., Finance and Investment, Huazhong University of Science and Technology
  • PostDoc., Central University of Finance and Economics
  • PostDoc. Internationalization of Chinese Medicine, Harvard Medical School (Participating)
  • Executive Program, Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • EMBA and Senior International Finance Manager (SIFM) certificate, Peking University
  • Certificate in International Financial Management, certified by CICPA
  • 丰祥国际资本集团有限公司董事长/CEO;中创丰祥教育科技有限公司董事长/CEO;汉红战略矿业基金创始合伙人;浚源同盛创业基金投资顾问委员会高级顾问;中国国学院大学副校长/教授/博士生导师/中国国学资本中心总裁;成朴丰祥股权投资基金普通合伙人;乡都酒业集团股东等。先后投资并参股控股共六十余家企业
  • 全国青联委员、湖北省青联常委、北京市青年企业家协会副会长等
  • 曾先后获得吉林财经大学经济学学士,首都经济贸易大学经济学硕士,参与哈佛医学院中医药国际化研究,麻省理工学院Sloan管理学院进修Executive Program ,华中华中科技大学经济学博士后
  • 北京大学EMBA和高级国际金融经理(SIFM)证书
  • 中国注册会计师协会认证的国际财务管理证书


  • 全国青联委员
  • 湖北省青联常委
  • 北美华人科学技术协会副主席
  • 中国青年企业家协会理事
  • 北京勇企业家协会副会长
  • 北京青年商会副秘书长
  • 吉林财经大学学士
  • 首都经贸大学文学硕士
  • 华中科技大学金融与投资博士
  • 中央财经大学博士后
  • 博士后。 中医药国际化,哈佛医学院(参与)
  • 麻省理工学院斯隆管理学院高管课程
  • 北京大学EMBA和高级国际金融经理(SIFM)证书
  • 中国注册会计师协会国际财务管理证书

"Ample Luck cares about developing our working relationships with many entrepreneurs, and we ensure they have the assistance they need. We are driven to succeed - whatever the challenge."
Dr. Annie Ma

Contract signing with Rui-Xue Li, President of 'The City Of China'.

With Clean Energy Specialist, Ted Venners.

With Sig Rogich, of Rogich Comms Group.

With Master of Global Investment, Jim Rogers.

With Ali Al Sayegh, President of West Asian Chamber of Commerce.

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