Ceyhan Cemil Aral

Team Member

  • Ceyhan Cemil Aral began his career in 1984 with Ihlas Holding, Inc. (Ihlas) as a sales representative and, by 2006, rose to become Vice President and Member of the Executive Board as well as Vice-Chairman of sixty-five (65) separate companies managed by the Holding, a position he held until 2013
  • During his tenure wıth Ihlas, Mr. Aral served as Vice President of Ihlas, GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ihlas for its’ operations in Germany and the rest of Europe, and oversaw the establishment of Ihlas Travel Tourism, Inc
  • Mr. Aral also co-founded the European Reciprocal Trade Association and served as a board member
  • He founded Turk Barter, a joint venture with ITEX, a U.S. company, as an international e-trade commercial operation for operations in Europe
  • Throughout his career with Ihlas, Mr. Aral participated and coordinated numerous sucessful international trade and business operations for Ihlas, establishing an extensive network of valuable international trading business investors
  • In addition to this, Mr. Aral is a consultant to several large holding companies within Turkey as well as abroad for their international operations for managing international investors participation
    Before Pandemi, he initiated export sales for Chinese refineries in Iraq, supplying refinery construction materials, pipes etc
  • He participated International Energy Conferences in Berlin’in Abu Dhabi, Istanbul, Tehran, as key speaker ,and played financial consulting services for large volume international financial deals
  • He promoted Belt and Road in Afganistan, Pakistan and Turkey
  • Aral participated and organized international tenders; preparations for billion dollar gas storage projects, government energy projects and financing
  • Aral coordinated China -Turkey Government to Government finance and energy deals and Gas Hydrates Development Projects
  • Aral is currently working on various projects in Mining, Energy and Finance in Middle East, Africa and China with various Government and Private Groups and Companies
  • Ceyhan Cemil Aral 于 1984 年在 Ihlas Holding, Inc. (Ihlas) 开始其职业生涯,担任销售代表,到 2006 年,升任副总裁兼执行委员会成员以及六十五 (65) 岁的副主席由控股公司管理的独立公司,他担任该职位至 2013 年
    在 Ihlas 任职期间,Aral 先生担任 Ihlas, GmbH 的副总裁,该公司是 Ihlas 的全资子公司,负责其在德国和欧洲其他地区的业务,并监督 Ihlas Travel Tourism, Inc 的成立
  • Aral 先生还共同创立了欧洲互惠贸易协会并担任董事会成员
  • 他创立了与美国ITEX公司合资的Turk Ba​​rter,作为在欧洲运营的国际电子贸易商业机构
  • 在 Ihlas 的整个职业生涯中,Aral 先生为 Ihlas 参与并协调了许多成功的国际贸易和商业运营,建立了一个由有价值的国际贸易商业投资者组成的广泛网络
  • 除此之外,Aral 先生还是土耳其境内外多家大型控股公司的顾问,负责管理国际投资者参与的国际业务
  • 他在阿富汗、巴基斯坦和土耳其推动“一带一路”
  • Aral 参与并组织了国际招标;准备数十亿美元的储气项目、政府能源项目和融资
  • Aral 协调中土政府对政府的融资和能源交易以及天然气水合物开发项目
  • Aral 目前正在中东、非洲和中国与各种政府和私营集团和公司合作开展采矿、能源和金融领域的各种项目