Rob Eldred

UK & Europe Partner

  • Rob Eldred is the UK & Europe Partner for Ample Luck International Capital Group, based in UK, arranging equity investments.
  • Previously at KPMG and Deloitte for 8 years in UK, mostly in China (Shanghai & Beijing) in M&A and client relations
  • Industry experience includes media and events, technology, business services (including government), retail, travel and consumer markets
  • Rob has been involved on both buy- and sell-side M&A, valuations, cross-border M&A, target/buyer identification, transaction readiness, due diligence, execution, post-transaction implementation, synergies and client account management
  • Experience in over 50 transactions in China: stand-alone acquisitions, carve-outs, add-on transactions, divestitures, JVs, with transaction sizes ranging in size from US$1 million to US$2 billion


  • BA 2:1 from Royal Holloway and Bedford College, University of London
  • MSc in International Management and Finance from University of Sussex, UK
  • Speaks good Mandarin
  • Rob Eldred是英国和欧洲合作伙伴充裕国际资本集团
  • 此前在毕马威和德勤在英国工作了8年,主要在中国(上海和北京)进行并购和客户关系
  • 行业经验包括电影和媒体,技术,物流和商业服务(包括政府关系),零售,消费市场,制造和能源和资源
  • Rob曾参与过买入和卖出方并购,估值,跨境并购,目标/买方识别,交易准备情况,尽职调查,执行,交易后实施,协同效应和客户管理
  • 在中国超过50个交易的经验:独立收购,剥离,附加交易,资产剥离,合资企业,交易规模从100万美元到20亿美元不等
  • BA 2:1来自伦敦大学皇家霍洛威学院和贝德福德学院
  • 英国苏塞克斯大学国际管理与金融硕士学位
  • 说好汉语