Julia Yang

Team Member, Healthcare

  • Julia Yang is President/Co-Founder of Medical Global Alliance (MGA). MGA brings medical technology cross borders between US/EU and China/Asia, providing strategic assistance to foreign companies entering the China/Asia market and supporting China/Asia companies globally.
  • Pharmaceutical/Medical Device Physician Executive with 20 years managerial experience in Global Clinical Research & Drug Development and Global Medical Affairs across multiple therapeutic areas (Cardiovascular, Endocrinology, Neurology, Critical Care, etc).
  • Proven track record in leading global clinical programs (Phase I-IV and life cycle management) leading to New Drug Application NDA submissions, worldwide drug approvals and successful product launches globally (Fycompa® for seizures, and Praluent® for lipid lowering/cardiovascular).


  • Julia graduated from Tianjin Medical University (M.D.)
  • MBA, California Lutheran University, USA.
  • Trained as an ear, nose, throat, head and neck surgeon.
  • Clinical Fellowships from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and Mayo Clinic.
  • Previously worked with Sanofi, Baxter, Medtronic, Eisai and Amgen.
  • Received Presidential and multiple honorable awards for outstanding achievements.
  • Invited as Honorable Speaker and Industry Expert at international congresses for drug development/clinical trial management.
  • 医疗全球联盟(MGA)总裁/联合创始人。 MGA带动医疗技术跨越美国/欧盟与中国/亚洲之间的边界,为进入中国/亚洲市场的外国公司提供战略协助,并为中国/亚洲公司提供全球支持
  • 制药/医疗器械行业的医生高管,在全球临床研究与药物开发和全球医疗事务跨多个治疗领域(心血管内分泌学,神经病学,重症监护等)拥有20年管理经验
  • 在全球领先的临床项目(I-IV期和生命周期管理)方面取得了良好的记录,从推出新药申请NDA提交,全球药物审批,到成功的全球产品发布(癫痫发作Fycompa®,降脂/心血管Praluent®)
  • 曾于赛诺菲,巴克斯特,美敦力,艾赛和安进合作,获得了突出成就的总统奖和多项荣誉;作为行业专家在国际药物开发/临床试验管理大会的嘉宾演讲者
  • 毕业于天津医科大学,之后获得美国加州Lutheran大学MBA学位;在约翰霍普金斯医学院和梅奥诊所接受了耳鼻喉以及头颈外科医生临床培训