Rudyard W. Ceres

Partner, Legal

  • Rudy Ceres is a UK & US lawyer with 20+ years of international legal and financial experience, including representing Fortune 500 companies (Boeing, Marriott, etc.), conducting business in Africa, US and Europe
  • Rudy is the Founding Partner of Ceres Law, a minority international corporate law firm based in New York, serving domestic and international clients, and WorldCeres Inc., his consulting firm
  • Rudy was the Managing Partner, Africa, Latin America and Caribbean, for Cooke Robotham, representing the South African Government in the US and Canada including advising the Department of Foreign Affairs/Defense and advising the Department of Trade and Industry
  • Rudy was a Vice President with Bernstein Global Wealth Management in New York
  • Rudy’s education includes: University of Leicester, UK, LLB. Hons; College of Law, York, UK, Solicitor’s Final Examination.
  • 鲁迪是英国和美国的律师,拥有20多年的国际法律和金融经验,包括代表财富500强公司(波音,万豪等),在非洲,美国和欧洲开展业务
    鲁迪是Ceres Law的创始合伙人,该公司是一家位于纽约的少数国际公司法律事务所,服务于国内和国际客户,以及WorldCeres Inc.,他的咨询公司
    鲁迪是代表南非政府驻美国和加拿大的Cooke Robotham非洲,拉丁美洲和加勒比地区的执行合伙人,包括向外交部/国防部提供咨询,并为贸易和工业部提供咨询
    鲁迪的教育包括:英国莱斯特大学法学院。荣誉; 法学院,英国约克,律师的期末考试。

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