Connecting Capital

Ample Luck International Capital Group (ALIC) serves non-US clients, as defined under US Securities Laws, connecting over 500 well-known investment and insurance companies to co-invest into different global investment opportunities. We build strategic solutions to meet our clients’ needs including: investment strategies, tax planning, wealth management, insurance protection, education fund, international assets allocation, retirement and estate planning.

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Global Vision

ALIC's global vision is to blend Chinese and Western culture for greater prosperity. Our professional team consists of 13 CPAs, 2 Lawyers, 2 actuaries, 5 CFAs and many MBAs who have worked in the financial and different industries for over 20 years. We are an international investment holding group investing in global sustainable smart cities, education (elite inspired), new media, life science and alternative energy companies.

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Direct Investments

ALIC currently has direct investments in 20+ companies in China and overseas.

Strategic Solutions

ALIC has already helped 100+ companies on capital raising, M&A and IPO in China and overseas.

Fund Management

ALIC has participated in the capital raising and management of over 15 funds with an accumulated total of CNY15 billion.

Directly invested in 100 portfolio companies globally

ALIC Sector Expertise:

• Global Sustainable Smart Cities• Education (elite inspiration)• New Media• Life Science• Alternative Energy• Environmental Protection

Team crisis solving strategies

ALIC Global Network

ALIC connects companies with capital internationally from China to USA and Europe. With offices in 28 countries, ALIC has a consolidated network of 60+ global team members, with approximately one third in Asia, one third in Europe and one third in North America.

ALIC Team:

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ALIC Strategic Partners

Recent Events

US-Africa Summit 2022

Dr. Annie Ma with team members at US-Africa Summit 2022

Co-hosted World Blockchain Forum 2018

With Clean Energy Specialist, Ted Venners.

With Sig Rogich, of Rogich Comms Group.

With Master of Global Investment, Jim Rogers.

With Ali Al Sayegh, President of West Asian Chamber of Commerce.