Bharat Joshi

Team Member, Real Estate

  • Mr. Bharat Joshi is a seasoned Real Estate Professional
  • He is a Honors Graduate in the field of Commerce from one of the prestigious college in India
  • He is very thorough and dedicated in his work. He is a great problem solver and takes issues head-on with meticulous planning. His knack and ability has given solutions to many a knotty and tricky problems in record time
  • He is a pro-active professional and specializes in all kind of real estate matters. With over 20 years of experience in his field he has always proved to be an asset for the company
  • He has been working with Vintron Asset Management for the past 20 years and has clicked many a deal in Residential, Commercials and Land Parcels in PAN India basis

  • Bharat Joshi 先生是一位经验丰富的房地产专业人士
  • 他是印度一所著名大学的商业领域的荣誉毕业生
  • 他对工作非常认真和专注。 他是一位出色的问题解决者,并以一丝不苟的计划直面问题。 他的诀窍和能力在创纪录的
  • 时间内为许多棘手和棘手的问题提供了解决方案 
  • 他是一位积极主动的专业人士,擅长各种房地产事务。 凭借在该领域超过 20 年的经验,他始终被证明是公司的资产
  • 在过去的 20 年里,他一直在 Vintron 资产管理公司工作,并在 PAN India 基础上点击了许多住宅、商业和地块交易