Eric Wang 王林先

Team Member, Energy

  • Eric Wang is Founder and Owner of H. Sterling Group, Chairman of GCL Natural Gas Group and Chairman of Poly-GCL and Pan-Asia International Energy Co. Ltd (Yantai LNG)
  • Eric a former Executive at China Poly Group, one of China’s largest State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs), active in global diversified businesses segments
  • Eric performed his duty as Vice President of the Group, President of Poly International Co., Chairman of Poly Technologies Inc., Chairman of China- Africa Development and Investment Co., Chairman of Poly Oil and Gas Holding Co., Director of Board of Ferrari and Maserati (China) Co., Director of Board of China Poly Culture Group and Poly Energy Holding Ltd. (
  • Eric founded H. Sterling Group ( which is an Energy Company focusing on energy Infrastructure Investment and exploring LNG mid and downstream opportunities globally
  • As a Senior Executive of one of the largest SOE’s in China and Global 500 Fortune Companies, Eric developed his company into a fast-growing multinational enterprise with well-established businesses in over 80 countries worldwide in sectors such as International Trade, Civil Engineering, Energy and Power Investment, Marketing and Sales of Global Luxury products
  • With over 25 years of business development and project finance, Eric delivered several significant projects in Asia, Africa and Latin America. He set up the “Emerging Markets Power Fund” partnering with the State Sovereign Funds to boost investment in clean energy and energy-related infrastructure in emerging markets
  • Eric maintained close relationships with many government leaders and business circles globally and built his business fundamentals on these
  • Eric is committed to the LNG infrastructure-related investment and project development, especially in sectors of LNG receiving terminals, FLNG, gas pipelines, Floating Power Units and Gas-to-Power
  • He is the Founder and main promoter for Yantai LNG (, one of the world’s largest LNG receiving Terminals in the northern part of China, which has a capacity of 5.9 mtpa (million tons per annum) through the Yantai gas pipeline currently in construction
  • Eric developed a Floating Gas-to-Power project in Philippines, Gas-driven Power project in Ghana and FLNG project in Israel
  • Eric is working closely with several international Oil & Gas companies in the USA, Belgium and Holland on a collaboration platform for the LNG Terminal and Trade
  • Eric graduated from Nanjing Foreign Language Institute with a BA and did his Masters at the Nanjing Institute of International Studies. Eric also finished his senior CISCO executive course in the USA.
  • ⼤洲⼋⼗多个国家。他主导并实施了多个⼤型海外⽣产制造、基础设施、能源和电⼒项⽬;成⽴了由中国主权投资基⾦及海外⼤型投资机构共同参与的“全球能源电⼒投资基⾦”和“保利发展投资基⾦”,专注对全球新兴市场的能源、矿业、基础设施以及电⼒等领域进⾏投资开发
  • 作为多年主管国际化经营的⼤型企业⾼管,王林先⽣与许多发展中国家政府领导⼈保持了良好关系,与多国政商界领袖有着⼴泛联系
  • 2018年4⽉,王林先⽣创⽴了喜上集团,专注天然⽓产业相关领域,特别是新兴市场国家在LNG接收站、天然⽓管道、燃⽓发电、浮式天然⽓液化和⽓化装置等领域的投资开发。主导并实施了中国烟台590万吨液化天然⽓接收站项⽬( 和中国⼭东天然⽓北线⻓输管线项⽬,⽬前项⽬正在施⼯建设中,预于2023年底建成并投⼊使⽤。该项⽬建成后,将是中国北⽅地区接卸能⼒最⼤的LNG接收站
  • 王林先⽣还主导了菲律宾浮式LNG⽓化发电⼀体化项⽬、加纳400兆燃⽓电站项⽬、纳⽶⽐亚800兆燃⽓电站以及以⾊列浮式天然⽓液化⼯⼚项⽬,部分项⽬正在积极落实中
  • 与此同时,喜上集团还与美国、⽐利时以及荷兰等⼤型上游⽯油天然⽓企业商谈合资合作,推进烟台LNG项⽬的国际化,搭建LNG国际贸易平台,确保未来向下游市场提供有竞争⼒的天然⽓
  • 王林先⽣出⽣于1964年1⽉,曾就读于南京外国语学院、南京国际关系学院,先后获得⽂学学⼠、硕⼠学位