Huilui Guan

Advisor, Banking

  • Huilui Guan is Chairman and Executive Director of Huahui Assets
  • She is also Joint Director and Executive Director of NBGC Financial Ltd. (Huahui Assets’s joint venture with the National Bank of Canada).
  • Former Joint Director and Executive Director of Cycle Capital Management
  • Managing Director of Brothers International Inc.
  • Executive Vice-President of HSBC, responsible for HSBC development and implementation of the USA private bank on the West Coast, USA.
  • She is a member of San Francisco/Shanghai sister city council.
  • 华惠资产主席、执行董事;NBGC Financial Ltd.(华惠资产与加拿大国民银行合资JV)联席董事长、执行董事
  • 曾任Cycle Capital Management 联席董事、执行董事;Brothers International Inc. 董事总经理;汇丰银行执行副总裁,负责汇丰银行在美国西海岸私人银行业务的拓展及实施;旧金山/上海姐妹城市委员会成员