Ivan Chow

Team Member, Telecomms

  • Ivan Chow specialises in M&A, project structuring, financing, management, and public traded companies: IPOs, share financing, restructuring and management.
  • Ivan is Director/COO of COSEIG Investment Holdings and recently secured a US$500 million loan for a communications satellite project.
  • He is a Foundation Founding Member of the Hong Kong-ASEAN Economic Cooperation Foundation.
  • He is a Director of Hughes Satellite Communications Ltd.
  • Formerly General Manager of China iTV Network Technology, securing the HK$1.9 billion takeover by and becoming a HK-listed subsidiary of China Mining Group.
  • Formerly COO of Asia TeleMedia Group (Listed on the HK Exchange Main Board).
  • Formerly COO Mansion House Securities Limited and President of China Satcom (International).
  • Formerly General Manager of LifeStar Pharmaceutical Ltd (High-tech herbal medicine extraction).
  • Formerly General Manager of Cogitate Computer Systems (IBM’s largest dealer in China in the 1990s).
  • Formerly Vice President of Stemberg Securities LLC.
  • Formerly Co-Founder of TVC Inc.


  • Ivan studied at Hawaii Preparatory Academy.
  • He graduated from Washington University in St. Louis, in Computer Science and Economics.
  • Ivan专注于并购,项目组建,融资,和上市公司管理(上市,股份融资,重组)
  • Ivan是COSEIG投资控股的董事/首席运营官(最近为通信卫星项目获得了5亿美元的贷款);香港 – 东盟经济合作组织基金会创始成员;Hughes卫星通讯有限公司董事
  • 曾任中国iTV网络技术公司总经理(任内完成了中国矿业集团对其19亿港币的收购并成为中国矿业香港上市子公司)
  • 曾任亚洲电讯集团首席运营官(在香港交易所主板上市);曾任香港Mansion House Limited首席运营官;曾任中国卫星通讯集团主席;曾任LifeStar药业有限公司总经理(高科技草药制剂);曾任Cogitate Computer Systems(90年代IBM在中国最大的经销商)总经理;曾任Stemberg Securities副总裁;曾任TVC公司联合创始人
  • Ivan曾经在夏威夷预读学院学习,之后毕业于圣路易斯华盛顿大学计算机科学与经济系