Jasmine Wang

Team Member, Investment

  • Jasmine is Chairwoman of Worldview Global Knowledge Services, LLC, a cross-border investment consulting firm founded in 2009, with projects in numerous countries, including China, the US, Russia, Netherlands, Germany, Bulgaria, Thailand, and India
  • Her investment target areas include education, entertainment, real estate, infrastructure construction, high-tech, healthcare, wealth management and other industries, such as DuPont and Fidelity Intl
  • In 2017, Ms. Wang co-founded the Worldview Global Culture Alliance (WGCA), a non-profit organization registered in New York State that is committed to promoting the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Its activities include the China Forum, with individual working groups on Business, Art, Media, Life, Education, Research, and Investment
  • Ms. Wang has 15+ years experience as a manager for foreign ventures in China and the US. She holds a B.S. degree in Physics and an M.A. in Education

  • Jasmine是Worldview Global Knowledge Services,LLC的主席,该公司是2009年成立的跨境投资咨询公司,在中国,美国,俄罗斯,荷兰,德国,保加利亚,泰国和印度等多个国家开展项目。
    2017年,王女士共同创立了世界观全球文化联盟(WGCA),这是一个在纽约州注册的非营利组织,致力于促进联合国可持续发展目标。 其活动包括中国论坛,以及商业,艺术,媒体,生活,教育,研究和投资等个人工作组
    王女士拥有15年以上在中国和美国从事外商投资经营的经验。 她拥有一个B.S. 物理学学位和教育硕士学位。