Jean-Michel Floc’h


  • Jean-Michel Floc’h is an African French & Australian businessman merchant banker based in Beijing and Sydney.
  • Jean-Michel has 41 years of experience in banking, VC, private equity, real estate and business ownership.
  • His Floc’h International Group facilitates partnerships, M&A, IPOs in Australia, alliances and corporate finance actions and works in conjunction with a network of syndicate partners, EPC contractors, real estate agents, development companies, “HNW” investors, hedge funds, private equity funds, SWFs, endowments and foundations, banks and merchant banks.
  • For 26 years, Jean-Michel was a Senior Banker at BNP Paribas and Suez Group, and investor, founder, developer and financier of many businesses.
  • He has advised numerous multinational corporations (Alcan, Anglo-American, Vinci Group, Nestle, ABB) and governmental bodies in China, Thailand, Singapore.


  • Master of Law and Economics, School of Law, Economics and Sciences, France. International Business and Trade from Cambridge University, UK. D.E.S of International Business Africa, Middle East.
  • He has been based in Beijing for the last 13 years.
  • Jean-Michel Floc‘h是常驻于北京和悉尼的法国和澳大利亚裔的非洲商人与商业银行家,在银行,风险投资,私募股权,房地产和企业所有权方面拥有41年的经验,已在北京居住北京13年
  • Floc’h国际集团促进澳大利亚的伙伴关系,并购,IPO,联盟和企业融资行动,并与集团合作伙伴网络,EPC承包商,房地产代理,开发公司,“高净值”投资者,对冲基金,私募股权投资基金,主权财富基金,捐赠基金和基金会,和银行
  • Jean-Michel先生是一位在法国巴黎银行和苏伊士集团工作过26年的资深银行家,投资者,创始人,开发商和金融家。他曾为众多跨国公司(阿尔坎,英美,芬奇集团,雀巢,ABB),以及中国,泰国,新加坡等国政府机构提供咨询
  • 法国法律经济和科学大学的法学与经济学硕士;英国剑桥大学的国际商业与贸易学位;中东和非洲国际商业D.E.S.学位