Jean-Michel Floc'h

Team Member, Investment

  • Jean-Michel Floc’h is a French & Australian businessman merchant banker based in Beijing and Sydney with 46 years of experience in banking, Investment Banking, VC/Private Equity real estate and business ownership. His international career spans Asia, Europe, Middle-East, Africa and Australia, but his core focus over the past 14 years has been based in Beijing China, and he currently represents a number of Chinese clients as either principal or business partner. China market entry strategy, M&A, and Joint Ventures; China Inbound and Outbound investment. I have a deep understanding, commercially and culturally, of the greater China region as well as Asia Pacific and Middle East Africa
  • Floc’h International Group facilitates partnerships, mergers & acquisitions in Australia, alliances and corporate finance actions and works in conjunction with a network of syndicate partners, infrastructure EPC contractors, real estate agents, development companies, “HNW” investors, hedge funds, private equity funds, banks and merchant banks, Information Technology in order to make deals happen 
  • With its deep relationships with the private equity world, both General Partners and Limited Partners, as well as global corporate, global Sovereign Wealth Funds and Family Offices, endowments and foundations, he has a unique reliable platform for investors seeking investment penetration and fundraising partnerships 
  • Over the past decade, he has established deep relationships with local developers, real estate agencies, property developers, property managers, lawyers, accountants and tax consultants, among others. Sourcing investments in hotels, resorts, office buildings, land development 
  • I have a broad network of relationships with other qualified advisers, consultants, and service providers 
  • Transparency, trust, integrity and discretion are key to our approach

  • Jean-Michel Floc’h 是法国和澳大利亚商人银行家,常驻北京和悉尼,在银行、投资银行、风险投资/私募股权房地产和企业所有权方面拥有 46 年的经验。他的国际职业生涯跨越亚洲、欧洲、中东、非洲和澳大利亚,但过去 14 年他的核心工作一直在中国北京,目前他作为委托人或商业伙伴代表许多中国客户。中国市场进入战略、并购与合资;中国境内外投资。我对大中华地区以及亚太和中东非洲地区的商业和文化有深刻的了解 
  • Floc’h International Group 促进澳大利亚的合作伙伴关系、并购、联盟和企业融资行动,并与银团合作伙伴、基础设施 EPC 承包商、房地产经纪人、开发公司、“高净值”投资者、对冲基金、私人股票基金、银行和商业银行、信息技术以促成交易 
  • 凭借与私募股权领域、普通合伙人和有限合伙人以及全球企业、全球主权财富基金和家族办公室、捐赠基金和基金会的深厚关系,他为寻求投资渗透和筹资合作伙伴关系的投资者提供了一个独特的可靠平台 
  • 在过去的十年里,他与当地开发商、房地产中介、房地产开发商、物业经理、律师、会计师和税务顾问等建立了深厚的关系。在酒店、度假村、办公楼、土地开发方面进行投资 
  • 我与其他合格的顾问、顾问和服务提供商有广泛的关系网络 
  • 透明度、信任、正直和谨慎是我们方法的关键