John Thomas


  • John Thomas is a former Vice Mayor for the City of Melbourne, Florida USA.
  • Former Associate Vice President for the Florida Institute of Technology.
  • He is on the Board of Directors of: Orlando Melbourne International Airport, Economic Development Commission of Florida’s Space Coast, and the International Business Council for the Florida Chamber of Commerce.
  • He focuses on investment opportunities between China and USA.
  • A licensed real estate agent in the State of Florida.
  • Has organized multiple trade delegations between China and the USA.


  • John attended Easter Florida State College.
  • He also received extensive varied specialized training from the US Secret Service and Customs Service.

  • 专注于中美投资机会; 佛罗里达州的持牌地产代理, 组织了中国与美国之间的许多贸易代表团
  • 美国佛罗里达州墨尔本市前副市长;佛罗里达理工学院前助理副校长
  • 董事会成员:奥兰多墨尔本国际机场,佛罗里达州太空海岸经济发展委员会,和佛罗里达州商会国际商业委员会
  • 曾就读于Easter Florida State College; 并获得了美国特勤局和海关部门广泛的专业培训