Justin K. Ackerman

Team Member

  • Justin K. Ackerman is known for his extensive expertise in structured funds, fund deployments and operations, media technology, IP licensing, large cross-border project management, tax, successful international joint ventures, and Silicon Valley startups.
  • 10 years experience in Chinese and Asian markets.


  • Born in New York, raised in Switzerland and England, Justin attended The Bedales School and then Brown University.
  • Justin began his career as a reporter for La Télévision Française.
  • He speaks fluent French and some German.
  • Justin以结构化基金,基金部署和运营,媒体技术,知识产权许可,大型跨境项目管理,税收,成功的国际合资企业以及硅谷创业公司的广泛专业知识而闻名
  • 10年的中国和亚洲市场经验
  • Justin的职业生涯从一名La Télévision Française记者开始
  • 出生于纽约,在瑞士和英国长大,Justin就读于贝尔莱斯中学和布朗大学
  • Justin会说流利的法语和一些德语