Rock Marasco

Team Member, Healthcare

  • Rock Marasco has 30+ years experience in healthcare, turning around underperforming businesses
  • CEO of Sure Gene, a biotech company focused on personalized medicine for mental health, VP of BD at AdvanTech Plastics a developer of innovative plastic closures for the beverage and healthcare industries
  • Owner/Franchisee of a School of Rock, the worldwide leader in performance-based rock and roll music education inspiring kids of all ages to rock on stage and in life
  • Former EVP of M&A for Stericycle, acquiring 29 medical waste companies and expanding Stericycle’s product offering into new multi-billion healthcare hazardous waste business
  • Rock held numerous positions during 26 years at Abbott and retired as a Corporate Officer after running diagnostic, pharmaceutical, hospital, nutritional and CPG business’s. These businesses had annual revenue of up to US$1.4bn with diverse global challenges. Rock has worked and lived in Saudi Arabia, Europe, Australia, Africa, Israel and Canada
  • Rock is also on the Executive Board of the Kennedy working toward lasting change in the way mental health and addictions are considered and treated
  • Licensed CPA after working for Price Waterhouse Coopers at the beginning of his career

  • Rock 拥有 30 多年的医疗保健经验,扭转了业绩不佳的企业
  • Sure Gene 的首席执行官,一家专注于心理健康个性化医疗的生物技术公司,AdvanTech Plastics 的 BD 副总裁,一家为饮料和医疗保健行业开发创新塑料瓶盖的开发商
  • 摇滚学校的所有者/特许经营者,以表演为基础的摇滚音乐教育的全球领导者,鼓励所有年龄段的孩子在舞台上和生活中摇滚
  • Stericycle 并购前执行副总裁,收购 29 家医疗废物公司并将 Stericycle 的产品扩展到新的价值数十亿的医疗危险废物业务
  • Rock 在 Abbott 的 26 年中担任过多个职位,并在经营诊断、制药、医院、营养和 CPG 业务后作为公司官员退休。这些业务的年收入高达 14 亿美元,面临各种全球挑战。 Rock曾在沙特阿拉伯、欧洲、澳大利亚、非洲、以色列和加拿大工作和生活
  • 洛克也是肯尼迪执行委员会的成员,致力于在考虑和治疗心理健康和成瘾的方式上实现持久改变
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