Dr. Peter Ou (区沛绵)

Partner (Pharma, Bio-tech & Healthcare)

  • Dr Peter Ou is the founder of Nutralab Canada and engages in pharmaceutical start-ups, branding, R&D and production.
  • 2016, Dr Ou Established a partnership with AllKiDz Naturals Inc. for children’s health food products.
  • 2007, founded the Maplelife Nutrition health products own brand and independent GMP production certification company, with more than 400 health care products approved by the Canadian Ministry of Health.
  • 2005, founded Nutralab Canada and was named Most Innovative Award by the Canadian Chinese Outstanding Entrepreneurs Association in 2004.
  • Dr Ou’s other brands include: Maplelife Nutrition (www.maplelifecanada.com), Dr Nutrition360 (www.drnutrition360.com) and Vitadrop (www.vitadrop.ca).


  • Dr Ou received his Ph.D. in Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology from University of London School of Medicine (UCL) in 1996.
  • 欧博士是加拿大Nutralab药厂的创始人,从事更具附加 值的代工研发生产保健品公司
  • 2016年,欧博士与AllKiDz Naturals Inc. 建立和合作伙伴关系,共同开发儿童健康食品
  • 2007年,欧博士创办了Maplelife Nutrition 保健品自创品牌和独立具 GMP生产认证的公司。具有400多种经加拿大卫生部NPN认可的 保健营养品产品,並在当地北美市场和海外市场销售
  • 2004年,欧博士被评为加拿大华人杰出企业家协会的最具创新奖
  • 欧博士创立的其他品牌包括: Maplelife Nutrition (www.maplelifecanada.com), Dr. Nutrition360 (www.drnutrition360.com),以及Vitadrop (www.vitadrop.ca)
  • 1996年,欧博士获得英国伦敦大学医学院 (UCL) 临床药 理和毒理学博士学位

Dr Peter Ou awarded “Most Innovative Entrepreneur” by the ACCE Association of Chinese-Canadian Entrepreneurs 2014.