Aston Craig

Team Member

  • Aston Craig has over two decades of experience in a combination of Real Estate Portfolio Management, Corporate Sales and Investor Relations. His deep business connections and relationships in Europe have given him a key advantage for international growth.
  • Mr. Craig heads up an Off-Market Boutique Property Portfolio and is based in, London. The company specializes in offerings, sourcing services in response to requirements from institutional, investment funds and high net worth investors. Clients looking for rapid growth curve, yield based investments, development projects, key residential and commercial properties. Off market luxury properties include, Mayfair, Knightsbridge, Belgravia and St Johns Wood.
  • Previously, Mr Craig worked as Director of Sales for AY Security Ltd., where he was responsible the launching Global Telecommunications products. Under his guidance and in a short period of time, he successfully grew the business by ten fold. Before that, Mr. Craig was Director of INC Property Ltd., where he served as an independent residential commercial property specialist working with developers, investors and Property Funds in arranging commercial property projects through structured financing. Including senior debt facilities, mezzanine loans, preferred equity and joint ventures.

  • Aston Craig 在房地产投资组合管理,公司销售和投资者关系方面拥有超过二十年的经验。他在欧洲的深厚业务联系和关系为他提供了国际增长的关键优势。
  • 克雷格Craig先生负责场外精品房地产投资组合,其总部位于伦敦。该公司专门提供产品,根据机构,投资基金和高净值投资者的要求提供服务。寻找快速增长曲线,基于收益的投资,开发项目,重要的住宅和商业物业的客户。场外豪宅包括梅菲尔,骑士桥,贝尔格拉维亚和圣约翰伍德。
  • 此前,Craig先生曾担任AY Security Ltd.的销售总监,负责发布全球电信产品。在他的指导下并在短时间内,他成功地使业务增长了十倍。在此之前,Craig先生曾担任INC Property Ltd.的董事,在该公司担任独立住宅商业房地产专家,与开发商,投资者和房地产基金合作,通过结构融资安排商业房地产项目。包括高级债务融资,夹层贷款,优先股和合资企业。