Bastian van Gent

Team Member

  • Bastian has 25 years of international experience in multinational corporations have extensive experience in strategic analysis, managing capital projects, M&A, real estate infrastructure, joint venture tax and financial structures
  • Currently CEO of International Trade Investment Co Ltd
  • He is the GM of the EU-Asia Fund (EU Special Economic and Cultural Commission for Asia), responsible for overseeing the fund’s overseas operations and developing and supporting new business opportunities for China’s state-owned and private-owned enterprises.
  • Founded Global Peoples Media Inc, for the production, promotion and creation of motion pictures and television programs, advisory services for selected individuals and state entities, and for the creation and management of media and public relations campaigns for Queen Elizabeth II’s Belief Foundation.
  • 1999-2008 Welke Group (Welke Beheer BV, Welke Financial Services), a major shareholder and senior adviser to EU, where he co-financed and guided the company to expand its business nationwide. After 2003, the Welke Group became the largest private mortgage lender in the Netherlands with annual revenues of more than USD1.5 billion
  • 1997-2005 Previously CEO / CFO of Finamo Holdings / Boekhorst Beheer BV, providing financial solutions to complex business and tax issues

  • 具有25年跨国公司国际经验的高级行政人员和企业家,在策略分析,管理资本项目,并购,房地产基础设施,合资企业税务和金融结构方面有着丰富经验。
  • 现任国贸投资有限责任公司美国CEO
  • 现任欧盟亚洲基金(欧盟亚洲特别经济和文化委员会)的总经理,负责该基金海外业务,发展和支持中国国有企业和私营企业的新商机。
  • 创建了Global Peoples Media公司,参与电影和电视节目的制作,推广和创作,针对某些个人和国家实体提供咨询服务,曾为伊丽莎白女王二世的信仰基金会创建和管理媒体和公关活动。
  • 1999-2008曾任Welke Group ( Welke Beheer BV, Welke Financial Services)– European Union主要股东及高级顾问,共同出资并指导公司在全国范围内进行业务扩张。 在2003年以后,韦尔克集团成为荷兰最大的私人抵押贷款银行,年收入超过15亿美元。
  • 1997-2005曾任Finamo Holdings/ Boekhorst Beheer BV的CEO/CFO,针对客户的复杂的商业和税务问题提供共定制财务解决方案。