Bishop Samuel Nathanael Ndanema

Team Member

  • Bishop Samuel Nathanael Ndanema is a global trade strategist committed to supporting business growth throughout Africa. He consults with a broad spectrum of companies, advocating and lobbying to facilitate access to markets throughout Africa. He is blessed to have built a network of strategic relationships across the globe, including business executives, Heads of State, government Ministers and senior officials in many countries, including his native Sierra Leone. 
  • He has served in both the previous and current administrations of the Government of Sierra Leone. In 20i5 he was granted diplomatic status as Special Envoy for Trade and Investment, Office of the President. Offering unique access to doing business in Africa, he leads several delegations each year to Africa to spur business investment and trade throughout the continent. He is experienced as an on-the- ground local partner and country director representing corporate business interests across multiple industries including: banking and finance, mining, healthcare, transportation, aviation, security, agriculture, education, housing and infrastructure development. Without the benefit of public funding or government compensation, Bishop Samuel works directly with potential clients and investors to identify opportunities, then introduces and accesses the appropriate channels to achieve their business objectives. 
  • In 2019 Bishop Samuel joined forces with a US based firm to form Strategic Access Global Companies, an international consultancy whose mission is to expand access to and knowledge about burgeoning global business opportunities. Operating in the UK, the US and Africa, the firm works hand-in-glove with private sector clients to help navigate cultural and government protocols. Through strategic partnerships, they leverage expertise across the globe, offering collective experience in negotiating global business alliances, international marketing, strategic communications and finance. These relationships are expansive and are at the heart of what the firm does best. Their collaborative knowledge, imagination and experience create a winning business approach to achieving the client’s business goals. They bring a unique understanding of how to conduct business in a sustainable, profitable and socially responsible manner, and provide seamless access to Heads of State, Ministers and government officials, in Africa and other parts of the world. Access is the firm’s key competitive advantage. 
  • As a consultant, Bishop Samuel has worked extensively with Global Defence and cyber security projects. He has also focused on aviation and transportation, his most recent efforts resulting in a contract between a Turkish aviation firm and the Government of Sierra Leone for a 30 year PPP contract to finance, design, renovate, construct, operate and transfer the new Lungi International Airport. Spurred by the Covid-19 pandemic, securing equitable access to vaccine and medical supplies for Africa has become a top priority. He recently established a corporate entity for Prolux Heath Care and Pharmaceuticals to operate in Sierra Leone; he has collaborated with African Ministries of Health in the areas of hospital logistics, PPE and medical supply and equipment sales; and he obtained pharmaceuticals licenses for export, import and wholesaling for Solid Rock Pharmaceuticals. His work in the mining industry spans the full spectrum, from exploration to excavation and export, including the tender process and award of contracts. He has initiated military, defence and security contracts to support government needs. He is currently working with the new transition government in the Republic of Guinea to expand trade partners across the globe. He is a lobbyist, mandate, facilitator and negotiator, adept at bi-lateral negotiations, BOT agreements, public-private partnerships, joint ventures, government and diplomatic relations.
  • He lobbies on behalf of major companies in Asia, Europe, UK, China, Canada, Australia and the US, to gain access to multiple African countries, including Senegal, Ghana, The Gambia, Guinea, Liberia, Kenya, Uganda and other countries in North Africa, Central Africa, Southern Africa, East Africa and ECOWAS, encompassing i5 West African nations.

  • Bishop Samuel Nathanael Ndanema 主教是一位全球贸易战略家,致力于支持整个非洲的商业增长。他为广泛的公司提供咨询,倡导和游说以促进进入整个非洲市场。他有幸在全球建立了战略关系网络,包括许多国家的企业高管、国家元首、政府部长和高级官员,包括他的祖国塞拉利昂 
  • 他曾在塞拉利昂政府的前任和现任政府任职。 20i5 年,他被授予总统办公室贸易和投资特使的外交身份。他提供在非洲开展业务的独特机会,每年率领多个代表团前往非洲,以促进整个非洲大陆的商业投资和贸易。他作为当地合作伙伴和国家主管经验丰富,代表多个行业的企业商业利益,包括:银行和金融、采矿、医疗保健、交通、航空、安全、农业、教育、住房和基础设施开发。在没有公共资金或政府补偿的情况下,Bishop Samuel 直接与潜在客户和投资者合作以发现机会,然后引入和访问适当的渠道以实现其业务目标 
  • 2019 年,Bishop Samuel 与一家美国公司联手成立了战略访问全球公司,这是一家国际咨询公司,其使命是扩大对新兴全球商业机会的访问和了解。该公司在英国、美国和非洲开展业务,与私营部门客户密切合作,帮助驾驭文化和政府协议。通过战略合作伙伴关系,他们利用全球的专业知识,在谈判全球商业联盟、国际营销、战略传播和财务方面提供集体经验。这些关系是广泛的,是公司最擅长的核心。他们的协作知识、想象力和经验创造了一种成功的商业方法来实现客户的商业目标。他们对如何以可持续、盈利和对社会负责的方式开展业务具有独特的理解,并为非洲和世界其他地区的国家元首、部长和政府官员提供无缝访问。准入是公司的主要竞争优势 
  • 作为顾问,Bishop Samuel 与全球防务和网络安全项目进行了广泛的合作。他还专注于航空和运输,他最近的努力促成了一家土耳其航空公司与塞拉利昂政府签订了一份为期 30 年的 PPP 合同,以资助、设计、翻新、建造、运营和转让新的 Lungi International飞机场。在 Covid-19 大流行的刺激下,确保非洲公平获得疫苗和医疗用品已成为当务之急。他最近为 Prolux Heath Care and Pharmaceuticals 建立了一个公司实体,以便在塞拉利昂开展业务;他曾与非洲卫生部在医院后勤、个人防护装备以及医疗用品和设备销售领域进行合作;并获得了Solid Rock Pharmaceuticals的进出口和批发药品许可证。他在采矿业的工作涵盖了从勘探到挖掘和出口的方方面面,包括招标过程和合同授予。他发起了军事、国防和安全合同来支持政府的需求。他目前正在与几内亚共和国新的过渡政府合作,以扩大全球贸易伙伴。他是游说者、授权者、促进者和谈判者,擅长双边谈判、BOT 协议、公私伙伴关系、合资企业、政府和外交关系 
  • 他代表亚洲、欧洲、英国、中国、加拿大、澳大利亚和美国的主要公司进行游说,以进入多个非洲国家,包括塞内加尔、加纳、冈比亚、几内亚、利比里亚、肯尼亚、乌干达和其他国家北非、中非、南部非洲、东非和西非经共体,包括 i5 个西非国家