Charlie (Karl-Heinz) Priester

Team Member, Investment Banking

  • Charlie has 25 years experience in Investment Banking covering FX, Money Markets ,Fixed Income, Debt Capital Markets and Risk Management
  • Charlie founded the consulting company Kapries Ltd. In Cyprus and was advisor to Financial Institutions and Family Offices in Europe
  • In 1995 he was Managing Director of Hypovereinsbank (HVB) Munich and
  • spent 10 years running the Fixed Income Division, reporting to the Board of Directors. In HVB Munich he was responsible for funding the largest balance sheet of a Mortgage Bank in Europe
  • In 1987 Charlie joined Goldman Sachs in New York , London and Frankfurt and was a trader in the Fixed Income Division. Charlie spent 8 years with Bank of America N.T.S.A. in Frankfurt. He was a Trainee in Credit, Money Markets and Foreign Exchange (FX) before Leaving Goldman Sachs as a Vice President
  • Charlie graduated from the European Business School (ESB) in Reutlingen, Germany, receiving a Diploma in International Business & Management

  • Charlie Priester 在投资银行领域拥有 25 年的经验,涵盖外汇、货币市场、固定收益、债务资本市场和风险管理
  • Charlie 在塞浦路斯创立了 Kapries Ltd. 咨询公司,并担任欧洲金融机构和家族办公室的顾问
  • 1995 年,他担任 Hypovereinsbank (HVB) 慕尼黑和
  • 在固定收益部门工作了 10 年,向董事会报告。 在 HVB 慕尼黑,他负责为欧洲最大的抵押银行资产负债表提供资金
  • 1987 年,查理加入了纽约、伦敦和法兰克福的高盛,并在固定收益部门担任交易员。 Charlie 在美国银行 N.T.S.A 工作了 8 年。 在法兰克福。 在离开高盛担任副总裁之前,他是信贷、货币市场和外汇 (FX) 的实习生
  • 毕业于德国罗伊特林根欧洲商学院(ESB),获得国际商务与管理文凭