Dongsheng Wang

Team Member

  • Lead Researcher, Vice Minister, Beijing Business Department, China (Shenzhen) Institute of Comprehensive Development
  • Director, Institute of Collaborative Innovation and Quality Development(preparing)
  • Engaged in research and consultation on regional economy, cultural tourism (especially tourism standardization), healthy agriculture, urbanization, transformation of scientific and technological achievements, standardization and quality improvement, etc.
  • Responsible for and participating in two research projects on industrial cluster and innovation system of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2018
  • Presided over a National Social Science Foundation Youth Project Publication of 9 CSSCI Retrieval Papers Participation in a major project of the National Social Science Fund, a National Quality Inspection Public Welfare Project and a major project of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Participation in more than 20 projects of industrial and regional development planning entrusted by provinces, cities and counties
  • Responsible for and participate in 10 pilot projects of service quality, standard development and standardization, and promoting the Long-term Connection of Local Governments and Enterprises with the Relevant National Policies Associate Research Fellow
  • PhD., Regional Economic Planning in Applied Economics, Institute of Industrial Economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences PostDoc., Theoretical Economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

  • 副研究员,中国社科院工业经济研究所应用经济学区域经济规划博士,理论经济学博士后;
  • 现任中国(深圳)综合开发研究院北京事业部主任研究员、副部长,协同创新与质量发展研究所所长(筹);
  • 长期从事区域经济、文化旅游(尤其旅游标准化)、康养农业、城市化、科技成果转化、标准化和质量提升等方面的研究和咨询工作;负责、参与2018年度国家工信部和科技部的产业集群和创新体系2个研究项目;主持1项国家社科基金青年项目;公开发表9篇CSSCI检索论文;作为课题核心成员,参与国家社科基金重大项目、国家质检公益项目及中国社科院重大项目各1项;参与20多项省市区县委托的产业和区域发展规划课题负责和参与10项服务质量、标准研制及标准化试点项目,长期推动地方政府和企业与国家相关政策进行对接。