Gerard O'Connell

Team Member

  • Gerard O’Connell is an experienced executive who has owned international insurance companies, major investments in gold mining companies and mine water remediation, extracting precious metals and water purification.
  • Gerard has put seed capital into diverse projects, such as hydroponic abalone farming, landmine discovery and land remediation and reclamation.
  • He currently owns self maintaining property investments and is able to assist with and has interest in primary Australian industries: real estate, coal mining and health products.
    Currently evaluating investments, property, resorts and businesses on Lombok and Gili, Indonesia, with private stakeholders and government officials.

  • Gerard O‘Connell是一位经验丰富的高管,拥有国际保险公司,主要投资包括金矿,矿山修复,提炼贵金属和净化水
  • Gerard 曾为各种项目提供种子资金,如水培鲍鱼养殖,地雷检测,和土地整治与开垦
  • 目前拥有自主维护的物业投资,同时对澳大利亚的房地产,采矿和健康产品方面的投资感兴趣并能为此提供协助
  • 目前在为政府和私人利益相关方评估印度尼西亚Lombok和Gili地区的投资,房地产,度假村和企业