Jamie Constantine

Team Member

  • Jamie Constantine is Senior VP and Financial Advisor at Morgan Stanley based in Chicago USA.
  • Jamie uses a consultative approach to understand his clients’ beliefs and values. He then works with them to help build a financial strategy for reaching their goals utilizing the resources of Morgan Stanley, one of the world’s largest and most prestigious investment platforms with access to global research and analysis. With globalization that platform has become a precious asset.
  • For more than 30 years Jamie Constantine has built trusting relationships at Morgan Stanley, helping successful clients and their families face these challenges and guide them through significant transformations.
  • Jamie has obtained CIMA and is a license mortgage broker.
  • Prior to Morgan Stanley, Jamie obtained a BA in Business from the Iowa State University.

  • Jamie Constantine在美国芝加哥的摩根士丹利任高级副总裁兼财务顾问。
  • Jamie 通过对客户进行咨询来了解其信念和价值观。然后利用摩根士丹利的资源与他们合作并制定财务战略,以实现他们的目标。随着全球化的进程,摩根士丹利已经成为世界上最大、最负盛名的可以进行全球研究和分析投资平台之一。
  • 30多年来,Jamie Constantine在摩根士丹利与客户建立互信关系,成功帮助了客户及其家人面对挑战并指导他们进行重大转型。
  • Jamie已获得CIMA并且是一名持证贷款经纪人。
  • 在加入摩根士丹利之前,Jamie在爱荷华州立大学获得商业学士学位。