Jeff Kahl

Team Member, Education

  • Jeff Kahl has 35 years in the non-profit camping and educational realm, with a vast network of partners around the USA
  • Jeff is Founder and President, Northland Global Management Group and Northland Scholars Academy
  • With his background in sales, public speaking, entrepreneurship, organizational leadership, and private and higher education, Jeff provides the quality, contemporary and professional opportunities to students in the USA and internationally


  • Northland Baptist Bible College, Dunbar, Wisconsin
  • National Association of Certified Executive Coaches, New York
  • Global Financial Lender, Manhattan, New York
  • Honorary doctorate from Bob Jones University

  • Jeff Kahl 在非营利性露营和教育领域拥有 35 年的经验,在美国拥有庞大的合作伙伴网络
  • Jeff 是 Northland Global Management Group 和 Northland Scholars Academy 的创始人兼总裁 凭借他在销售、公开演讲、创业、组织领导以及私立和高等教育方面的背景,杰夫为美国和国际学生提供优质、现代和专业的机会
  • 教育背景: Northland Baptist Bible College,威斯康星州邓巴 全国认证执行教练协会,纽约 全球金融贷款机构,纽约曼哈顿 鲍勃琼斯大学荣誉博士学位