Lisa Li

Team Member

  • Lisa Li has 16 years global banking treasury management experience from top Australia bank.
  • Lisa acts as international partner for several top China SOEs for business development and product procurement.
  • She is an active entrepreneur with extensive international expertise in strategic development as well as financial solution, with excellent networks across Australia and Asia.
  • Her target field includes media, entertainment, education, real estate, high-tech, healthcare, wealth management.
  • University of Melbourne, Master of Applied Finance
  • University of Western Sydney, Master of Professional Accounting
  • Beijing University of Technology, Bachelor of Business Administration

  • Lisa拥有16年国际银行管理经验
  • 担任多家中国大型国企商业顾问,协助其国际业务发展以及产品采购
  • Lisa是一名活跃的企业家,在澳大利亚以及亚洲拥有良好的商业网络以及人脉,专注于战略拓展以及金融方案制定
  • 她主要专注的领域包括文娱产业,教育,地产,高科技,健康以及资产管理。
  • 墨尔本大学,应用金融学硕士
  • 西悉尼大学,专业会计学硕士
  • 北京工业大学工商管理学士