Pamela Khanijau

Team Member, General Coordinator

  • Pamela Khanijau works with Royal families, investors and ambassadors for partnerships, joint ventures and business development
  • Pamela worked and lived in London 10+ years and has worked for private equity as VP of business development and has owned various businesses
  • Pamela worked for Britannia group of hotels chain for business development and expansion of their spa and introduced new concepts for revenue and expansion
  • After relocating to India, Pamela started to work as a senior mandated investment and finance advisor to various clients and companies
  • She has worked in the Middle East on various business collaborations and built a global network for connecting clients
  • She is also an official representative of Plate Ltd for project funding
  • Pamela Khanijau 与王室成员、投资者和大使合作,开展合作、合资和业务发展
  • 帕梅拉在伦敦工作和生活了 10 多年,曾在私募股权公司担任业务发展副总裁,拥有多项业务
  • Pamela 曾在 Britannia 连锁酒店集团工作,负责其水疗中心的业务发展和扩展,并引入了收入和扩展的新概念
  • 移居印度后,帕梅拉开始担任各种客户和公司的高级授权投资和财务顾问
  • 她曾在中东从事各种业务合作,并建立了连接客户的全球网络
  • 她也是 Plate Ltd 项目资金的官方代表