Phillip Johnson

Team Member

  • Phillip Johnson is an entrepreneur with experience piloting multiple enrollment-based service businesses and technology companies.
  • A strategic problem solver by calling, Phillip excels in operations management, team leadership and has a track record of successfully executing complex projects.
  • Phillip consults various clients on improving business processes with technology and automation and elevating output quality.
  • Phillip also utilizes his extensive networks and makes strategic introductions help facilitate client goals.
  • He is currently the Director of Operations for AiR Everywhere Corp, a mobile world scale augmented reality development company.

  • 菲利普·约翰逊(Phillip Johnson)是一位企业家,他在试点多家基于注册的服务业务和技术公司方面具有丰富的经验。
  • Phillip是一位战略问题解决者,他在运营管理,团队领导能力方面表现出色,并且拥有成功执行复杂项目的记录。
  • 菲利普咨询各种客户,以改善其业务流程,包括技术和自动化以及提高输出质量。
  • Phillip还利用其广泛的网络并进行战略介绍有助于实现客户目标。
  • 他目前是一家移动世界级增强现实开发公司AiR Everywhere Corp的运营总监。