Pierre de Lespinois

Team Member

  • Pierre de Lespinois is an experienced Chief Executive Officer at MotionTopia, Inc., which focuses on Non-linear Editing, Production Management, Lighting, Sound, and Media Production.
  • Motiontopia designs, creates and engineers experiences from revolutionary theme parks to remarkable next-generation theaters, breathtaking immersive environments to interactive command and control centers, and inspirational “edutainment” showplaces to innovative multi-media marketing spectaculars. MotionTopia sets a new benchmark in audience excitement and engagement.
  • Pierre has a demonstrated history of working in the entertainment industry. His career in film making has taken him all over the world as a Producer/Director in television series, documentaries and feature films.
  • 14 Emmy nominations with multiple wins and awards from all over the world tells you of the passion he has for the industry.
  • Strong business development professional and graduate from Cape Fear & UNCW.

  • Pierre de Lespinois是MotionTopia,Inc.的一位经验丰富的首席执行官,该公司专注于非线性编辑,生产管理,照明,声音和媒体制作。
  • Motiontopia设计,创建和工程师体验了从革命性的主题公园到引人注目的下一代剧院,令人惊叹的沉浸式环境到交互式指挥与控制中心以及鼓舞人心的“娱乐性”展示场所,以及创新的多媒体营销活动。 MotionTopia在观众的兴奋和参与方面树立了新的标杆。
  • 皮埃尔(Pierre)在娱乐业的工作经历已得到证明。他从事电影制作的职业使他成为电视连续剧,纪录片和故事片的制片人/导演。
  • 14项艾美奖提名获得了来自世界各地的多项大奖和奖项,这充分说明了他对这个行业的热情。
  • 强大的业务开发专业人员,毕业于Cape Fear和UNCW。