Pietro Ulliana

Team Member

  • Pietro Ulliana maintains an extensive network of relationships with investors, entrepreneurs, financiers, businesses, attorneys, family offices and trustees. He gives clients and business partners access to unique and exclusive opportunities across Europe, US, Africa and Asia in real estate, hotels, PPP infrastructure projects, venture capital and private equity with an ever growing portfolio
  • Pietro was educated by and worked many years for one of the Swiss Leading Banks and has been successful in the Private Equity Scene
  • His experience, knowledge of the investment market and the over many years grown contacts to leading professionals allows him to identify quality investment opportunities early and then grow and support these investments over the long
    term, partnering with companies and realising value
  • Pietro has a clear and defined vision about the future also as a co-founder and managing director of the SwissWorld Financing Group, focused on project financing – own investments and for investors, as well as commodities and exploration

  • Pietro Ulliana与投资者,企业家,金融家,企业,律师,家族办公室和受托人保持着广泛的关系网络。 他为客户和业务合作伙伴提供了遍及欧洲,美国,非洲和亚洲的独特和独家机会,涉及房地产,酒店,PPP基础设施项目,风险投资和私募股权,并拥有不断增长的投资组合
  • Pietro 受过瑞士一家领先银行的教育,并在其中工作了多年,并在私募股权领域大获成功
  • 他的经验,对投资市场的了解以及多年来与领先专业人士的联系使他能够及早发现优质的投资机会,然后长期发展并支持这些投资,与公司合作并实现价值
  • Pietro作为SwissWorld Financing Group的联合创始人兼董事总经理,对未来有着清晰而明确的愿景,专注于项目融资-自己的投资以及为投资者以及商品和勘探业务