Richard Serbin

Advisor, Healthcare

  • Richard Serbin serves as Managing Director of Platform Health Ventures, a healthcare strategic and tactical consulting group as well as the Chief Operating Officer of the Gorlin Companies, LLC. Richard is a pharmacist, regulatory attorney, and patent attorney.
  • He was Chief FDA Counsel for Revlon Corporation and Johnson & Johnson Corporation.
  • At Johnson & Johnson he held various Senior management roles.
  • He has served on the Board of Directors of over 20 public and private companies, including those of J&J’s, international and domestic operating companies. These were companies involved in biotechnology, dermatology, veterinary medicine, female healthcare, medical devices, photodynamic therapy, surgical and consumer products.
  • During his career, he served as the lead in taking two companies public and cofounded over ten companies.
  • For more than a decade, he served and continues to serve as a Senior Advisor to the Swedish American Life Science Summit (SALSS), the leading invitation healthcare summit, held annually in Stockholm, Sweden.

  • Richard 是Gorlin Companies的首席运营官,和医疗保健战略和战术咨询的咨询组织Platform Health的董事总经理.
  • 理查德是一名药剂师、监管律师和专利代理人。他曾担任Revlon公司和Johnson & Johnson公司的首席FDA顾问。并在Johnson & Johnson公司担任高级管理职务.
  • 他曾在20多家公共和私营公司的董事会任职,其中包括Johnson & Johnson的国际和国内的运营公司,这些公司包括生物技术、皮肤学、兽医学、女性保健、医疗器械、光动力治疗、外科手术和消费产品.
  • 在他的职业生涯中,他曾带领两家公司上市,并共同创立了十多家公司。十多年来,他一直担任瑞典美国生命科学峰会(SALSS)的高级顾问,该峰会每年在瑞典斯德哥尔摩举行.