Teresha Hansraj

Team Member, Investment

  • Risk and Estate Planning
  • Retrenchment, Future Cover, Business Overheads, Income Protection
  • Old Mutual MAX Investments (Life, Lisp and RA), Tax-Free Savings
  • Old Mutual Wealth (Pre/Post Retirement)
  • Taking Will Instructions, Short Term Personal Lines, Gap Cover
  • Teresha has a BA in Criminology

  • 风险和遗产规划
  • 裁员、未来保障、业务开销、收入保护
  • Old Mutual MAX Investments(Life、Lisp 和 RA)、免税储蓄
  • 旧互惠财富(退休前/退休后)
  • 接受遗嘱指示、短期个人专线、缺口保险
  • 特蕾莎拥有犯罪学学士学位