Thomas Gehl

President, Ample Luck

  • Mr. Gehl currently serves as a Board Member, President and Corporate Counsel of ChildWise International Corporation
  • He has for over three decades, resolved issues in the U.S. and abroad, with experience as a Member in major international Law Firms, CEO of USA and China Companies, Senior Management in large international companies and General Counsel
  • Tom has advised management teams in a dozen countries on Mergers and Acquisitions, Education, Contracts, Real Estate issues, Environmental, Health and Safety regulations, Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, and International Compliance practices. He has saved millions of dollars for clients while increasing overall compliance
  • For several years he was selected as a “Top Rated Lawyer in Energy, Environmental, & Natural Resources”. President Clinton selected Thomas as an advisor and appointed him to the Executive Office of the President’s Council on Environmental Quality. Thomas was also invited to testify before the US Congress on Regulatory Reform
  • Thomas’ interest in education started in university. He completed his course work for a Teaching Certification for Secondary Education and completed his teaching internship in a local High School teaching Biology
    During Law School he interned at the National Labor Relation Board and the Wisconsin Equal Rights which dealt with many school-based agreements
  • His first firm was the number one Teachers Union firm in the State
  • He was active in contract negotiations and collective bargaining issues
  • Later he was an Adjunct Professor at Marquette University Law School
  • He has served as CEO and President to several Education Groups guiding them to operational excellence

  • Gehl 先生目前担任 ChildWise International Corporation 的董事会成员、总裁兼公司法律顾问
  • 三十多年来,他解决了美国和国外的问题,曾担任主要国际律师事务所的成员、美国和中国公司的首席执行官、大型国际公司的高级管理人员和总法律顾问
  • Tom 曾就并购、教育、合同、房地产问题、环境、健康和安全法规、Sarbanes-Oxley 合规和国际合规实践为十几个国家的管理团队提供建议。他为客户节省了数百万美元,同时提高了整体合规性
  • 几年来,他被选为“能源、环境和自然资源领域的顶级律师”。克林顿总统选择托马斯为顾问,并任命他为总统环境质量委员会执行办公室成员。托马斯还应邀在美国监管改革国会作证
  • 托马斯对教育的兴趣始于大学。他完成了中等教育教学认证的课程工作,并完成了在当地高中生物教学的教学实习
  • 他的第一家公司是该州排名第一的教师工会公司
  • 他积极参与合同谈判和集体谈判问题
  • 后来他是马凯特大学法学院的兼职教授
  • 他曾担任多个教育集团的首席执行官和总裁,指导他们实现卓越运营