Vivian Alice Jee

Team Member

  • Vivian Alice Jee is an entrepreneur executive whose passion and expertise lie at the intersection of technology, finance and design.
  • Vivian currently serves as the Director of Business Development at Huemen Design, a full-service creative agency backed by Harman International, which was acquired by Samsung.
  • Vivian and her team acted as catalysts in bringing together strategic partnerships such as the Samsung, Harman and Google coalition.
  • She rose through the Harman’s internal leadership program and also sits on the steering committee of the Harman Women’s Network.
  • Vivian was a consultant at PwC advising US companies on doing business in China.
  • Beyond, Vivian co-founded Arium Maxx, an investment banking boutique that advises US-China cross-border investments and M&As in small-cap market.
  • She was an angel investor to Deal Roadshow, an electronic roadshow solution for financial institutions.
  • Vivian also serves on the board of advisors to Wearhaus, a lifestyle startup that designs wireless Bluetooth wearables.
  • She is a 2017 recipient of the Asia Society Rising Young Leaders Award and sponsor of Asia Society’s Asia Circle.


  • Vivian holds a BA from the Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley.
  • She is fluent in Mandarin and is conversant in Japanese.

  • Vivian Alice Jee是一位企业家高管,他的热情和专长在于技术,金融和设计的交叉点。
  • Vivian目前担任Huemen Design的业务开发总监,这是一家由Harman International支持的全方位服务创意机构,后者被三星收购。
  • Vivian和她的团队成为三星,哈曼和谷歌联盟等战略合作伙伴关系的催化剂。
  • 她通过哈曼的内部领导计划,并担任哈曼妇女网络的指导委员会。
  • Vivian是普华永道的顾问,为美国公司在中国开展业务提供咨询。
  • 此外,Vivian还联合创立了Arium Maxx,这是一家投资银行精品店,为中美跨境投资和小盘股市场的并购提供咨询服务。
  • 她是Deal Roadshow的天使投资人,这是一个面向金融机构的电子路演解决方案。
  • Vivian还是Wearhaus的顾问委员会成员,这是一家设计无线蓝牙可穿戴设备的生活方式创业公司。
  • 她是2017年亚洲协会崛起青年领袖奖的获得者,也是亚洲协会亚洲圈的赞助商。


  • Vivian拥有加州大学伯克利分校哈斯商学院的学士学位。
  • 她精通普通话,精通日语。