Yun Xiang Tseng 曾永祥

Team Member, Economic Development Strategist

  • Yun Xiang Tseng is a philosopher, teacher, healer, author and philanthropist. He is a business owner and consulting strategist for many enterprises. Mr. Tseng also promotes Chinese culture in America and other countries through culture festivals, in person and online lectures and training classes since 1990
  • In 1996, he formed “Chi for Longevity Inc” to promote Chinese healing arts in the west establishing a high reputation in his field of practice over a span of 30 years
  • In 1996, he initialed “Association for Chinese American Enrichment, Inc” a not-for-profit organization promoting culture exchange, later rebranded as “Daoist Association USA, Inc”, an approved not-for-profit religion organization in 2015
  • In 2012, he expanded into a for profit business, “Dao House” in Estes Park Colorado, which operated as a destination resort and a conference center, hosting events and educational retreats
  • In 2016, as a strategist for “Marshall Energy Group” he helped launch “Carbon Credit Off-set” projects. Since 2023, he has served as “business ambassador” for “Marshall Green International Inc”, a clearing house for the carbon credit exchange program worldwide
  • In 2020, he was appointed as a Delegate in China for the World Organization for Peace and continues to promote the mission of the organization in China
  • In 2021, he jointed Ample Luck International Capital as a strategist and business partner
  • In 2023, he formed “Bear Heart Holding Group, LLC” with a native business leader in New Mexico to work with Isleta Pueblo nation and local Valencia County as business strategist for economic development
  • 曾永祥是一位哲学家、教师、治疗师、作家和慈善家。他是许多企业的企业主和咨询策略师。自1990年以来,曾先生还通过文化节、现场和在线讲座以及培训班在美国和其他国家推广中华文化
  • 1996年,他成立了“Chi for Longevity Inc”,在西方推广中国治疗艺术,在他的实践领域建立了30年的崇高声誉
  • 1996年,他草签了“美国华人致富协会”,一个促进文化交流的非营利组织,后于2015年更名为“美国道教协会”,成为一个经批准的非营利宗教组织
  • 2012 年,他在科罗拉多州埃斯蒂斯公园拓展了一家营利性企业“Dao House”,作为目的地度假村和会议中心运营,举办活动和教育静修
  • 2016年,作为“马歇尔能源集团”的策略师,他帮助启动了“碳信用抵消”项目。自2023年起,他担任“Marshall Green International Inc”的“商业大使”,该公司是全球碳信用交换计划的清算所
  • 2020年,他被任命为世界和平组织驻华代表,继续推动该组织在中国的使命
  • 2021年加入丰运国际资本担任策略师及商业合伙人
  • 2023年,他与新墨西哥州本土商业领袖成立了“Bear Heart Holding Group, LLC”,与伊斯莱塔普韦布洛民族和当地巴伦西亚县合作,担任经济发展的商业战略家